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I Chose Divorce, and it was STILL really hard.

Girl. Remember that gut wrenching cry when you finally decided to leave your marriage? Me too. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how I would get the courage to do it. One day, I just woke up and thought today’s the day. I did the scariest thing I could imagine & I told my second husband that I wanted a divorce. It felt scary... terrifying, actually.

Oddly enough, it also felt like a weight had been lifted. I was relieved. Though it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, it was also the right thing (for me).

Sometimes, it hurts like hell to do what’s best for you. Even when you finally do it, there are months of healing to follow. This shit is not for the weak, babe. Fun fact: you can be sad and happy at the same time. You can be happy for what is to come, AND sad for what you've lost. There are no rules to this. Here is what I will tell you, I left 18 months ago - and those 18 months have been the hardest, yet, most amazing of my life. I think I found my joy again. Correction - I know I found my joy again. If divorce is what I needed to get to this version of me - I would pay that price every single time.

Right now - maybe you're wanting to leave. Maybe, you've already left. No matter. You will get through this. I know you will because I did. I see you, I was you. If you chose divorce, you chose it for a reason - and it certainly was not so you could waste it doing anything but living your life to the fullest. If you're not sure how to find your joy again - I help women just like you heal after divorce. You deserve the best & it's time to give it to yourself. Schedule you free consultation today (click here)!


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