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Permission to be happy after divorce.

Just your happy go luck ray of sunshine here to remind you that there are no rules to this divorce shit. I mean that. People will judge you, shame you, project on to you things that are not meant for you. When I finally decided to be open about my divorces on TikTok, some people were really mad about it. How dare I be happy after my divorce?

It was almost like I wasn't allowed to feel two things at once. Is it not possible to be both sad and hopeful? Could I not be sad about what I lost AND hopeful about what was to come? I lost a lot in the divorce: friends, family, a dog, you name it... but I found myself.

I lost what I thought my life was going to be, but gained a whole new version of life. I don't normally say, "everything happens for a reason." That's because sometimes bad things just happen, and there is no reason. I do believe you can find meaning in everything. What was the meaning here?

I believe I had to be broken down... like, all the way down, so I could learn to build again. I built a new me, a stronger me, a kinder me, a more forgiving me, a me that didn't settle for life rather, chose it... a me I can be proud of.

If you are recently divorced, and feel guilty for feeling happy, or hopeful... you're not alone. As one of the leading divorcee "influencers", I hereby give you permission to feel, whatever it is that you feel. I give you permission to make up your own rules. Love you, forever. Don't you dare let anyone else dictate your life.

By golly, if you need a nonjudgmental human to hold space for you while you navigate this transition, I am here for that too. Schedule your free consult, today!


The Marissa Baker

Divorce Coach

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